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FORFLON ™, a brand of Forcon company, is one of the leading manufacturers of tapes, belts and meshes made of glass fiber coated with Teflon™ on the European market.

We export our products to 35 countries.
To meet the expectations of customers, our PTFE tapes and meshes undergo a 3-stage quality control at every stage of packaging, which minimizes the possibility of errors in the execution of the order.
As a standard, we provide our business partners with the possibility of running a free consignment warehouse.

We are dynamically developing all the time, working closely with our clients. Currently, our production is focused on the production of belts for the food and automotive industries.
We offer many proprietary solutions that have allowed us to eliminate frequent and costly downtime on production lines.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


2000pcs of the Teflon sheet

2000pcs of the Teflon sheets made only in 5 days

Reinforced fabrics for tortilla belts

Striving for perfection, we strive to constantly improve production processes and our products. Thanks to many tests and trials, we were able to design Kevlar® material used to reinforce Castellated joints, which at the same thickness show about 40% greater strength compared to traditional Kevlar®. This is very important because in the case of Teflon tapes for the food industry, the joint is often the weakest link in the entire tape. The Castellated connector designed by us is not only perfectly smooth, without visible lumps, but also much stronger than competing solutions.

New material for food industry

Introduction of an improved version of materials dedicated to the production of tortillas, increasing the life and resistance to fat

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